Field Rules

  1. Please clear up after your dog(s) go to the toilet and take it home with you along with your rubbish. There are no refuse facilities at Grange Meadow. If you find the field in a mess, please let us know. There is a poo bin near the end of Meadow Road.
  2. When leaving please do not reverse out, please turn round in the field and drive out forwards.
  3. Please do not park on the road or down either of the lanes at the sides of the field these are used regularly by locals for walking and driving to the fields behind ours, if you are early please either wait in the village or tuck your car into the side of the road on the verge. NEVER wait or stop in front of the neighbouring field’s gateway they use this to walk horses in/out and having to walk horses round a car with dogs in is dangerous .
  4. Padlock must remain locked at all times for the security of the field (when empty) and for your dogs safety (when in use). If you ever find the gate unlocked please inform me.
  5. No smoking in the field.
  6. Never allow children to climb on the gate, fence or equipment which is designed for dogs.
  7. Please do not allow dogs to dig, if they do dig please fill the hole back in to prevent accident/injury to others.
  8. Slots are for exclusive use. No more than 3 dogs per adult in the field at a time. No more than 6 dogs in total. Too many dogs will make it impossible to clean up behind them.
  9. Please do not bring dogs with virus/disease to the field, ie Kennel Cough, Diarrhoea/Sickness etc.
  10. There are 5 minute gaps between the end and start of each appointment to allow you time to leave before the other person arrives. You must leave the field before the next appointment start time.
  11. Never open the gate if someone else is in the field, their dogs might escape or they might be fear aggressive. Please do not distract other people’s dogs.
  12. The field is appointment only and you have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field while you are using it.
  13. If you arrived late to your appointment, you must still leave after your appointment slot is finished.
  14. If you arrive early and see somebody using the field please remain outside away from the gate. Once the other car has vacated the field, they will close the gate. If anybody comes through the gate while you are using the field please call me immediately on 07936 687575, as people need to wait outside.
  15. On leaving the field, please always lock the padlock, even if somebody is waiting to come in. I ask everybody to do this to ensure everyone knows the code and because people outside are not always customers. Never give the padlock code out.
  16. Please inform me if you give your appointment to somebody else, I will need a contact number. ONLY people I have met and have signed our T&C are permitted to use appointments.
  17. Once the field is vacated you can drive to the gate, undo the padlock open the gate, hook it up to prevent it swinging back, drive into the field and close the gate. Re-lock the padlock to prevent it getting lost and to prevent anyone opening the gate risking your dogs safety. To re-lock it you need to scramble some of the numbers before you close it.Please always drive into the field, avoid parking outside the field and causing an obstruction.
  18. Please be polite and considerate to our neighbours and the local walkers who pass by. Anyone reported being rude will be barred from use of the facilities.
  19. Please keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb people who live nearby.


Thank you for reading 🙂