The Field

Grange Meadow is 6 acres and has a 6 1/2 foot fence plus there is an extra 1 1/2 foot of rabbit netting dug into the ground to prevent dogs digging out.  There are no gaps for escaping, the boundaries have been thoroughly checked by many wannabe escape artists already!  You to park inside our field, so you can get your dogs in and out of your vehicle safely.

We have a few huge 200 year old Oak trees that give good shade plus many Field Willows.  There are platforms for you and your dogs to sit on plus a bench and 2 rain shelters.  We have a couple of large tunnels, a Hoopers tunnel and some agility/parkour equipment .  We invest a lot of money back into the field to help improve it and to maintain it. Looking after such a large area is a lot of work but it is such a beautiful tranquil place to be ❤

We planted an additional 7 Oak Trees, Beech Trees and 50 Green and Golden Leylandi inside the field.  We have also installed a new 100 meter hedge at the top of the field for screening.


Grange Meadow


One Of the Ancient Oak Trees

Grange Meadow

The Neglected Field Before We Bought It


Romeo Testing The Jumps


Toby Checking The Incomplete Tunnel Project


The Summer Paddling Pool Is A Hit With Stanley & Jack (In pool).


There’s usually some long grass to be found somewhere around the edges ❤